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Every day we have Canadian visiting our website looking for Winnipeg and Manitoba Personal Injury lawyers. These people have questions regarding injuries from car accidents, work accidents, and more. The following contains a list of main keywords our website is targeting. We have a long list of the types of searches people are using to find us and where they are coming from. If you are an attorney that handles legal cases in any areas relating to personal injuries in Winnipeg, please use our contact form to get in touch with us and we can give you more information.

Manitoba Personal Injury Lawyers

A personal injury lawyer can be crucial to receiving a fair settlement from an insurance company that is determining your settlement in a Manitoban case. These insurance companies are for profit, and are not always out to protect your best interests. A personal injury attorney can make sure you are being compensated for everything you are entitled to. This should include things like pain and suffering, any medical bills you incurred, as well as any income you lost while injured. The personal injury lawyer will only be paid if you are so using one to protect yourself is never a bad idea.

Winnipeg Animal & Dog Attack Attorneys

Victims of domestic animal attacks such as dog bites due to the negligence of their owners or keep can result in the ability to file suit and be compensated for your injury. While each case is different it is important to talk to a knowledge dog bite attorney to understand your situation, rights and ability to claim suit or sue do to the injury. Use the links on this page or contact us today for more information on selecting the most ideal dog bite lawyer in Winnipeg, MB for your situation.

Malpractice of Medicine by Negligence or Incompetence

When a medical professional commits an instance of negligence or incompetence, the law of torts refers to it as medical malpractice. Suing for this in Winnipeg, Manitoba is very different than medical malpractice lawsuits in the States. For instance, we have much stricter limits on what can be awarded. For losses not related to money, such as pain and suffering or loss of life expectancy, the upper limit has increased over the years and is currently around $300,000. However, the most that has ever been awarded in a medical malpractice suit was $1 million. Being awarded such a high amount is done to deter the defendant or others from similar conduct. The conduct must have been extremely malicious or highly reprehensible.

Manitoba Labour Laws

Employees and employers are both responsible for following labour laws. They are meant to mediate the relationships between the workers, their employers, and any unions that might be involved. Sometimes violations in labour laws such as workplace conditions, hours, or health and safety, can result in injuries. A consultation with an attorney that is familiar with these labour laws will allow you to determine if you have a case against an employer or employee that did not follow these laws.

Workplace Accidental Injuries

They call them workplace accidents, but the truth is, most of them are preventable. When they happen, it is usually because the strict rules and regulations set forth from the Manitoba Workplace Health and Safety board were not being properly followed. If you were the victim of a workplace accident caused by neglect by an employer or employee, there’s a chance you have a case against them. A professional workplace accident lawyer will hear your case for free and let you know if it’s worth pursuing. They will also usually work on contingency, meaning they only get paid if you do.

Construction Injuries in Winnipeg

Construction injuries happen, that’s why there are so many safety regulations put in place. However, if you have been injured on a job site from possible negligence, or even in a construction area due to something such as improper signage, speaking with a lawyer that deals with construction injuries and construction law would be helpful. They will be familiar with the accreditation programs such as COR in Canada, and safety guidelines set forth by the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba. Their familiarity with these governing bodies will give you the best chance at determining if you have a case.

Legal Information about Car Accidents

No matter who is at fault in a car accident, if you are injured, you insurance with MPI will cover your personal injuries, just like it covers damage to your vehicle. This can include pain and suffering, missed work, and medical bills. The problem is that Manitoba Public Insurance is a for-profit organization and they may not offer you the most for your car accident that you could be able to receive. Speak to a personal injury attorney before accepting any settlement to get a professional opinion of what they believe insurance should cover.

Winnipeg Lawyers Dealing with Truck Crashes

While you may think that a lawyer that deals with car accidents can also represent you in a tractor-trailer crash, there are some differences in how the cases are handled that a truck accident lawyer will be more familiar with. These include special safety laws that tractor-trailer companies need to follow. Since there is such a large size and weight difference, there are strict safety guidelines in place that the accident response team of a trucking company may not bring up unless your lawyer does first.

Manitoba Motorcycle Accident Litigation

Driving a motorcycle comes with added risks compared to driving most other types of vehicles. They are smaller, making it easier for other drivers to miss them in their mirrors which can cause a motorcycle accident. It is also easier for the person riding the motorcycle to be thrown from the vehicle in the event of a crash, making injuries from motorcycle accidents more common. Did you know that there are actually litigators that specialize in these cases? If you are injured on a motorcycle, be sure to find a personal injury attorney with experience in motorcycle accident litigation.

Boating Accident Attorneys

The laws regulating boating are very not the same as the ones regulating cars on the roads. Therefore, if you are involved in a boating accident, it’s important to find an attorney that knows about them. These specialist attorneys will be able to help determine things such as if a boat operator was intoxicated, if they were driving too fast for the circumstances, or if they were turning too sharply or too close to another boat. Taking a consultation with an injury attorney and determining if they are knowledgeable in the area of boating accidents and if they believe you have a case can’t hurt, they will generally work on contingency, meaning they won’t get paid until you do.

Sporting Accident Cases

If a coach, administration, or the owner of the place where the sports are being played was careless in some way to cause a sporting accident, the injured party may have a case to sue. Showing that any of these parties were responsible or the extent of the injuries can be difficult, which leads to many sporting injury cases being dismissed. This is where an experienced sporting accident attorney can be beneficial. They are well connected with experts in the area of sporting injuries and will be able to find the experts needed to testify in the case.

Recreational Vehicle Crashes

Vehicles such as ATVs, snowmobiles, Jet Skis, and dirt bikes are all similar in how a lawyer may pursue negligent parties in the case of an accident causing injury. For example, crashes on roads may involve traffic violations or crashes in water would involve boating regulations. A recreational vehicle attorney would also be able to determine if other parties were at all legally responsible. These could include the land owner or recreational vehicle manufacturer.

Pedestrian Collision Litigation

When a car strikes a pedestrian, it doesn’t take much to cause serious injury to them. These are unique cases, and while it is often the case that the driver was the one who wasn’t paying close enough attention and hit the pedestrian to cause the injury, it isn’t always completely the driver’s fault. If a pedestrian is crossing the street illegally, they may be at fault. There are also more kinds of pedestrian accidents than just those with cars, such as defective or somehow dangerous sidewalks or parking lots. In Winnipeg, ice that hasn’t been sanded can often result in injury. Property owners or the city may be liable if they were negligent. A litigator specializing in pedestrian accidents can help determine what is fair while litigation is proceeding.

Bike Crashes in Manitoba

Winnipeg has seen a huge increase in the number of people that have made the choice to bicycle as their mode of transportation. Certain areas of the city have even gone as far as creating bicycle lanes to help protect them on the road. Unfortunately, while the roads have improved to help include cyclists, the High Traffic Act can still be vague in areas that relate. If you have been involved in an accident as a cyclist, the best option for you is to find a personal injury lawyer that considers their self a bicycle lawyer. You will greatly increase your chances of getting the largest settlement possible if you have an attorney that is familiar with this type of case.

Burn Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured in a fire or your property has been damaged, hiring a lawyer with experience in fire damages and burn injuries is important. They can act quickly and direct you in how to handle the claim process, such as getting a fire investigator to do their own assessment so disputes with the insurance company can be properly handled. They also have a good idea of what compensation burn victims should be entitled to. Hiring an experienced burn injury lawyer can keep you away from the stress of the investigation and legal proceedings.

Trip and Falls in Manitoba

In Canada, trip and fall injuries were second only to injuries related to car accidents. In Manitoba this problem is even more common due to the long winters. Trip and fall accidents can be debilitating, leading to extended hospital treatment and additional special care afterwards. Hiring the proper attorney that is familiar with these cases will help maximize your chances of proper compensation. Consultations are usually free, hearing how they can assist you and take away the stress of the claim process can’t hurt.

Brain Injury Attorneys

When someone in any type of accident suffers trauma to the head, the resulting injuries can be complex. If a brain injury occurs, it may not even be evident at first. Hiring a brain injury attorney will make sure the insurance claim for your case is handled properly. An experienced attorney will make sure qualified medical experts are assessing the victim’s situation to ensure proper treatment as well as compensation. The life-long effects of brain trauma sometimes take time to show up. Coming to a settlement before they are completely known can result in compensation that doesn’t fully cover these injuries. Make sure you hire a personal injury litigator with brain injury experience that knows when to accept a settlement and what is fair.

Cases Involving Chronic Pain

Chronic pain cases can be extremely difficult to handle. Not only can it be difficult to find the cause of the pain, but since pain is subjective, it may be difficult to determine exactly how debilitating it is on an individual. If a patient’s doctor isn’t able to assess the severity and determine correct treatment, the patient can feel helpless and stuck living with the chronic pain. This can be extremely dangerous as it often leads to depression, trying to escape the pain with the use of drugs or alcohol, and in the worst cases, thoughts of suicide. This is why finding an experienced doctor is important to receiving the correct treatment and an experienced lawyer is important to receiving the proper compensation if the chronic pain is debilitating.

Winnipeg Disability Benefits Attorney

A disability benefits attorney can help you work through an appeal for disability benefits if you have been denied and aren’t able to return to work. There are a few different routes that a disabled party can take to apply for disability benefits such as filing a claim with EI, the CPP, or private insurance. If you have been denied a claim and would like to find out if there are any other steps you can take towards being compensated for your disability, meeting with a disability benefits attorney will usually be completely free for you. Many of them will even work for a percentage of your settlement; meaning if you don’t get paid, neither will they.

Fatal Accident Cases

In the case of a fatal accident such as any type of automobile accident, medical malpractice, work accidents, or a death for a defective product, the family of the deceased may have a wrongful death case. In order for the family to receive compensation for the fatal accident, they must be able to prove that the party causing the death was acting negligent or reckless and that it has caused them damages. For instance, in a car accident causing death, a fatal accident lawsuit may be filed against a negligent driver; the manufacturer of a vehicle with faulty parts; the owner of the faulty road; or even an establishment that over served the driver that was already clearly intoxicated.

Personal Injury Settlement Offers

When you receive a personal injury settlement offer, it can be difficult to judge if the amount is enough or if you should be receiving more. These settlements should not only cover your current expenses, such as medical bills and lost wages, but any future ones as well. Hiring a personal injury lawyer can help you be certain that what you are receiving is adequate. They can assist with things like finding specialists to determine the full extent of your injuries and have the experience to know when to accept a settlement offer. They will also work for a percentage of your settlement, meaning it is in their best interest to ensure you are receiving the most you can.

Insurance Claim Disputes

People that have suffered personal injuries will often accept the insurance claim settlement their insurance company offers them, thinking that the company is acting in their best interests and they are receiving the maximum they are entitled to. However, this is not always the case. Insurance companies are out to make money and they aren’t going to do that by giving it all away. If you believe you are owed more, it is possible to open an insurance claim dispute to try and get it. With the help of a personal injury attorney, your chances are greatly increased. They are familiar with everything you may be able to be compensated for and have the experience to know what is fair.

Physical Assault in Manitoba

While physical assault cases in Manitoba will result in criminal charges, they can also be treated as personal injury cases if the victim of the assault was injured. Expenses incurred from the injury as well as other compensation may be awarded. A physical assault attorney will determine the responsible parties, such as the assaulter or their employer, and if they acted in a negligent way that would cause them to be responsible for owing compensation. In assault cases there is basically always a party held responsible for the injuries, the attorney can help show the extent of the injuries and the expenses they have caused the victim.

Sexual Assault Attorneys

Any form of sexual contact without voluntary consent may be considered sexual assault under the Criminal Code of Canada. While the cases involve criminal charges, victims are also able to go after their attackers for compensation. This can be a traumatic experience for many which may make them hesitant to pursue anything, but with the help of an experienced sexual assault attorney, victims may get the compensation they deserve with minimal involvement in the case. Visiting with a sexual assault attorney can give the victim an assessment of their case, whether it’s worth pursuing, and what they can expect to receive.

Product Defect Liability

There are a few different ways that a personal injury case involving a product defect can establish that the manufacturer is liable for the injuries. These include negligence due to defective parts or improper assembly, failure to uphold a claim or promise made about a product, and false advertising that makes a product seem safer than it is or distracts from the risks associated with its use. There is also a condition called “strict liability”, where everyone involved in the making of the defective product is liable for personal injuries that result from its use. Speaking with a product defect lawyer can assist you in determining who, if anyone, is at fault for your injuries and what compensation you should be entitled to.